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I've read lotsa stories about cancer and now it's more than heartbreaking. Apart from it being a sad experience, death is worse. People are leaving us. Large numbers. I tried to read several materials out there and there are a variety of cancer types and causes. My concern was not all that, but the causes. I narrowed down to Kenya, Counties, to my county Meru. To my constituency. 

In Kenyatta National hospital, an article read in part "..15% of cancer patients are from Meru.." this is damn alarming. I tried to ask why we have such a large number but may I can't say this is the cause, but it might be. 

During grain storage, it gets aflatoxin if not left to dry properly. This might be the cause. 

“People used to die of cancer thinking they had been bewitched. The cancer is due to food people eat and exposure to chemicals,” Dr Muraah, who was accompanied by Health chief officer James Gitonga, said.

He was speaking some times back in MTRH. This is bad. We have to watch what we eat, chemical composition. Bad storage, bad food. 

“Farmers who rely on irrigation usually rush to harvest their crops when the rains start and due to high moisture content, the cereals develop aflatoxin. Even if the grains with aflatoxin are given to livestock and you consume meat from that animal, you stand a risk of being infected,” Dr Muraah said.

These cases are raising questions. Look at the number Meru Hospice handled, what it is handling currently and where we are heading. The number keeps increasing.

“Meru Hospice is recording the highest number of cancer cases every month compared to others in Kenya. We serve the Mt Kenya East and upper Eastern regions but most of the cases referred to us are from Meru County,” Ms Muceee said.

“We have served over 3,000 patients since 2003 and the number has been rising. We are currently serving 428 patients,” she added.




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