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a day out

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My door is broken. Not exactly mine, the house I stay in. So I asked my manager, in the evening by the way (not cool), to allow me wait for the promised welder to come and fix it. He/she is supposed to be paid by the management. Estate's management. sikai place ivi ivi. hehe..So, I kinda had the day for myself, to work as I waited for the welder and stuff. I did lotsa stuff, not optimal though.

Was lose.

So, 11am hits. I didn't want to lose my cool. I didn't. Wouldn't like to do it two days in a row. Yesterday was fierce. Was geared up for a fight. Not verbal. I don't do verbal. Physical.
[laugh here]
When I mean geared, I mean having shoe laces tight, a high-soled shoe(for height boost), track suit for flexibility and get. I wanted a fight. I wanted a physical fight to settle something. I went to speak with a person who would trigger my cool and I knew it. That's why I visited the "said person", in that gear.

The said is waay taller than I, but that wasn't close to any of the reasons as to why I wouldn't whoop some ass. "said person's ofcourse". I watched the subject lose it, waiting for that bell like, "Start the war". ok, glorified fight.
I had all the reasons to be mad. I just needed to focus and hit all the right places and right. Not to do the right things, but to do things right. Contextualizing, fighting right. I got the damn skills. Aint kidding there. Si chocha usikam vita. :(
Oflate, I feel awesome. Physically mentally and freaking all. Whatever you fear I'm close to that may be. I need to take some measurement and see whether am getting taller or where the hell is all this courage and pysche for fights in the 21st century, especially for a developer, is coming from.
I'll visit some cool nurse I know. Hails from Meru. So, I explain what I feel sometimes in kimeru. Cool right? ndagitari ntina mirire mono,na ndigua ta njoka cii kiu....ok. back, she's cool. The nurse. She just irked me when she told me she missed me. You are not supposed to miss me[ not you, her], from her workplace. Hospital. Miss me away from there please. Trust me, I didn't give it a nod.

I'm upfront 80%

Back to 11am. Was to check  for the welder. A kitu 50's guy shows up, checks the door, recommends to bring down the whole door, so as to weld it better. I swear I din't break it intentionally. I didn't hang by it. I ok everything he says. I just want it fixed dammit!! Some people are to visit me. I don't want them to be hurt by my door and complicate my social circles( which am not good at, but I try).
The man goes to get the machine, and this is where am left in some murk.
No number, no way be in contact with the guy, just the office, which has proved to be slow enough to sort me out.

The clock hits 2pm.

By then, had already called my manager again, prolonged the period again, told him I'd to wait to the guy after he came, late, to check the "damages". (Thank God am not paying for this is expensive | kungoja nayo?!).
My manager is quite cool. Bad a55 server-admin too. He agreed.
I felt bad for me and my employer. There was work to be done. Was not at the office, this welder guy aint showing up..I finally decided to call the property manager, who says.."naona kama amenichezea akili..hachukui simu..nimepiga mara nne ivi.." bla bla bra...Hell!

The guy never shows up.

The property manager knows am not an easy guy. Nkakula blue ticks, nkachorea io stori.

I decide to pay a visit to my tailor after having the longest chat I've ever had with a maasai guy, proved to be funny, I'm funny, he laughed alot. I swear he wasn't laughing at me. We know each other. My tailor reminds me of my employer alot. There's a quote my employer once told us, Imma explain through my tailor.

My tailor understand me well. He never assumes stuff, like am not growing. He takes my measurements everytime I need a cloth. Trashes any other measurements he has on me, takes new one and uses them. Always appreciate growth and development however little. It's growth. Hail boss.

I appreciate that. He gives me "fitting" clothes. Usually I'm the one who comes up with design alterations and I like it. I'm notorious for saying no to clothes I don't like irrespective of how much time was consumed. I'm a hard person, am not good either. If you like cool people, am not that.


My guy here, knows that. We both love good business. I give him money, he gives me product. Today, I sat longer for stories. I love kambas for no reason..!! This guy starts speaking java, c, c++, OOP and stuff...damn! I'm shocked! He tells me he builds software! used to. WTH is a developer doing with sewing machines? I didn't tell him much about how I love development or how I would save my laptop first if that house without a door were to burn or if the person I was to fight were to come and try to break it or fall on it from the weight of my uppercut with springy Js on me and so...I leave him and email to send a cv to our company and all that, I swear I laughed..not at him.

It was engaging.

I used my day to work and socialize. Now I know that my new friend won't be calling me mzito again, simply because he didn't know am patrick and works, or my pool 'friends' who don't mind me having whatever I have in my wallet.

Today wasn't my best. Was yesterday's upgrade though.

Live today. Avoid fights. If you have to fight, WIN...I mean Kick some Ass.

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