Docker and PHP

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  • Hi there. Am not a prodigy in docker or tech, but I do like learning new stuff and exploring heights. I love PHP too. I'm a member in several places where among other stuff[ read languages] being discussed is php.

    This week we met and a good dev called Otieno introduced me to docker, the right way.
    I made some simple notes in note form.  Jibambe.

  • Open platform of software containers
  • Differences:


-   Demerits

  • Containers run as root

  • Services can be resource intensive


-    3 Concepts


- Docker images ( think of them as git repos )

- Docker Registries

- Docker Containers


see the presentation here.


see the gist here.


fork [ I also forked :) ] the repo here, with some examples.


About Me

Oops...Almost forgot to say something about me. But anyway, I'm that guy, yule Msee, who'll sort out your techie issue and hails from the land of milk and honey. Not forgetting the bitter herbs too.

This is what am best at. Feel free to ask something. 

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