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Been developing cross-platform apps for a while now and I've been forced to use various OSes to run 'em and check how they're running, and led me to a knowledge mine-field. My dominant OS is linux.

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I use kernel v4.13.0-36.

It's worth noting, I've been using virtualbox, till today. I was also using kernel v4.13.0-32. I upgraded my kernel because virtualbox was freezing my system. It didn't help, the upgrade.

Sorry if you love windows...I use it for games and design-work sometimes though.

So, virtualbox, among others apps, some, are not perfoming very well in this kernel version. To help me out I installed vmware. VMware is as good as the box. There's a challenge though. This thing has trouble in manoeuvring.  To my surprise, it works well with this kernel but different versions, the latest one, vmware 14.

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If you use a previous version of virtualbox with that kernel, you're sorted. If you use the latest vmware with the current version, you're also sorted. The ball game is now here.

You have work to do and its tight. Payday depends on your choice.

Advice me here.

What should I settle for in the longterm, taking to account the kernel changes?

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Oops...Almost forgot to say something about me. But anyway, I'm that guy, yule Msee, who'll sort out your techie issue and hails from the land of milk and honey. Not forgetting the bitter herbs too.

This is what am best at. Feel free to ask something. 

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