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Oh Man...I started using that to counter OMG..back to it..Oh man, today the service was awesome!! I\'m here blogging about it instead of warming my food....this is now self control. :) I love food but am telling my body to wait and type this before I forget. Man, today I didn\'t notice time counting down to the words of benediction..I just heard the pastor saying, let\'s pray. We were taught about the Holy Spirit, read few verses, can\'t remember the exacts, but they touched on the day of Pentecost, Ananias and Sapphira and more..the spirit is real people. The spirit is third in the trinity.
  • God the Father
  • God the Son
  • God the Holy Spirit 
He emphasized on us being filled of Him. I remember a friend of mine so happy the day she spoke in tongues after the Spirit\'s manifestation. Trust me, it\'s cool.  I have personal challenges, I try to do all God wants, all the Bible says. I don\'t achieve it always. Sometimes I do. I really hope the Spirit ain\'t gonna leave then I fall, but be there always to lead and be with me. I do hope to one day sing forevern not getting tired..not fainting...not being bored..being super happy like some weekdays. All I need is this Father. This Son. This Spirit. As Juliani puts it, 3G enabled. God is just awesome people. Please have a culture of praying. Give your time to God, He\'ll give His time to you too. I try to achieve this coz its important. Make it a challenge. One week of prayer. Wake up and say something in the morning if you don\'t. It\'s paramount. Prayers move mountains...quite literally. I have seen what they can do. Better get yo knees stronger...they\'re about to ask for more... God Bless. 

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