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Kwani Leo hauna kazi? My brother asked. It was 7pm by then. It was shameful I always had something to do, something about work. Something not related to my direct personal growth. It revolved around carrying work with me, and taking a big chunk of time to sort it out. My brother and I used to do gun stuff. I was now making this fun stuff thing a thing of the past. No talks. No Jokes. No Story Telling, hakuna stori za ufala zenye hunibamba...simply, life was just becoming too serious. 

There is nothing as bad as getting to bed tired, dirty, hungry and angry!! Lemmi explain how this comes about: 

Client calls you, says nothing is working. You confirm he aint lying, and he got you. You can't lie either..I become Angry

I then decide to make sure the client is sorted, you pull all yo weight and brains to it...I become tired

The task I pulled my weight on proves a hard nut, n end up not showering...I am dirty here

I have an issue with eating while angry,dirty and tired...I sleep hungry

All the above shows how you mess yourself up and end up not enjoying your work which is supposed to be worship! So, you end up not worshipping. Worship is our core purpose on earth, if at all we share faith.

Always make your workplace a fun place. I heard somewhere something like you can not find happiness elsewhere if you don find it where you work. Kinda true. I spend my day with colleagues. If I can not enjoy having them around and cracking my ribs once in a while, am in the wrong place...

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Oops...Almost forgot to say something about me. But anyway, I'm that guy, yule Msee, who'll sort out your techie issue and hails from the land of milk and honey. Not forgetting the bitter herbs too.

This is what am best at. Feel free to ask something. 

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