Drowning by K to the Second Letter

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K to the second Letter, KB is a christian hip hop artist. I love his songs. Imma share something little about drowning though. Let me give an example. In college, my Systems Analysis and Design Lecturer, gave us several examples of systems objectives and subs. He told us that the main objective is further divided into units, perfoming their specific roles, which in turn all units come together to work towards the main one. 

The above was also echoed by another lecturer, who taught us a unit called Programming II. He told us its called modular programming. Back to KB. In the drowning tune, am looking at us,humans, with so much to do, so much going on, so much to bite, then....we drown in all that. Imagine a scenario where you are sent to get 5 good maize for roasting in tha shamba. You get good maize, yes, but you forget that you were to get just 5!! You realize after you're finished and you are carting away. 

Don't imagine. I once did this and the punishment was to eat the extras with my cousin. Na hakuna kutupa budaaa.

In our lives, we need God in every sub unit of ours. We need God so that we can be able to audit our trails towards or in relation to the goal. The goal is to worship juat incase you get it twisted. We are meant to be giving God all the glory in what we do. In our daily chores, we are supposed to be singing 'glory glory'..No one is saying it's easy here. 

Now, KB is asking God to save him before he drowns in his(read my) ownself. I want God to help me too you know. Sometimes I just get busted by demons. i don't know how that is possible,but I just find myself in those awkward situations where it's just not cool. I'm just not cool with myself. Myself selves are fighting. Ever watched that 'liar liar' movie? Carrey tries to say something wrong and the hands say NO! Am there sometimes. God is the ultimate solution. 

Sometimes I pray, stuff happens. Other times just get worse for reasons I don't know, but I guess when it gets worse grace becomes sufficient too. Let this be your prayer...Lord save me before I drown. 

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