Nyakundi Sues Larry - Why?

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Ahem..Get me popcorns ASAP! I don't know why but this made me go 'whaaaat!?' Yeah. Whaaat! Nyakundi, who is a blogger, is suing ntv's Larry. #TheTrend Host. I like the program, for starters. Mind you, am not picking sides here. If I were, not on nyakundi's. 

So, why is he suing Larry? The best i have on that is something about him being mentioned on his blog.  I personally read the blog titled, OF BROKE ‘BIGWIGS,’ SOCIAL MEDIA ‘INFLUENCERS’ AND SH50M TWEETS.  It appeared on nation too, as the edited version. (link) I like all matters fun and this is one of it. Nashangaa kama nyakundi hakua ameona article mpaka leo ama nini???? Ok, tuachane na hiyo, may be, he tweets and takes little time on the internet reading articles from other sources. Hope not. 

I love reading articles online. They educate and make you laugh. Like this one, you get to know something about bidco, ndela, some millions and other stuff. I seriously hate the fact that some dudes can stoop that low. If all that is false, which I highly doubt is, I would be on Nyakundi's side. This time, tuko #teamLarry. I don't like him sometimes. He happens to host a shw I like though. 

Below are the screen shots for those two pages. 

Both un-edited n edited versions. 

un edited sh50m tweetsedited version

Si kwa ubaya, but, si handle yake ikue verified kwanza? :)

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