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Take two businessmen, Kamau running an electroninc shop in nyamakima and patel running an autospare shop along kirinyaga road. Both men take their sons to JKUAT for a degree course. Patel's son commutes daily from parklands while kamau's son lives in a small rented bedsitter in juja.
Before joining college, Patel son used to spend the days at the auto-spare shop a routine he continues every sat whrn not going to college. Over the vacations, he even takes over the mamanagement. Kamau on the other side believes that nyamakima is not the place for his university going son so he should get a degree and get a better job.
The two young men graduates and goes seperate ways. Patel junior now takes over the running of the autospare shop. Kamau Jr hits the road, looking for a job. Two years and he gets a job as a bank teller, supermarket clerk etc, after six months and with meagre income, kamau son is frustrated and decides to go back for an MBA and improve his CV.

In the same period, patel jr has gained some management skills of running the shop with a workforce of five employees. In his interactions with fellow business men and trips to source business stocks in China and india, he meets an indian business man who is trying to market some softwares and computer accessories manufactured in India and Taiwan. He and another accomplice form a company and agree to distribute them. At first, the company is operated fro the backyard of the autoshop.
Both men are now 28, for patel jr, the man is now confident and experienced in making business deals. He approaches a few companies, does presentations and convinces them to take up his products.
By now, he has passed the autospare shop to his siblings and is now running a full fledged IT company.
For kamau jr, he has graduated with an MBA, is now driving a car on loan and is now looking for a better job. He ends up becoming an employee at Patels company as a supervisor.
Guys, that is where the real entrepreneurship classes start, and a foot-holding is all our youth requires. Don't wonder why our MBA degree holders were looking for internship at Tuskys and wonder no more how Indians are still ruling this business economy!
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Good Code

Been long since I wrote about good practices. Good development practices. If you aint doing what I'll mention here,
you need to evaluate how you do stuff. I'm not the best adviser out there, but I know what I did and turned around my productivity. The things I'll advice you to do here, are the things I used not to do, inturn spending the whole night doing almost nothing.

I mean, spending the whole night for a bug not worth it.

Will expound on each.

1. Always have a local copy

Basically, have a copy of your project in your machine. The best way to have this is to clone it in your machine if you're developing from online.
I use lamp stack, so, I have a copy at www directory, which serves as a go-to for references incase of anything, and also for adding new stuff to the project.

2. Test Environment

This is an online copy just for tests. This is important for examining how the system behaves while hosted. This copy is located at the production environment or a system with production environment settings.
Remember, set it as a sub-domain. You don't want a client's project out there before launch.
I usually push my projects to heroku, or my domain.

3. Live Environment

This is now the live copy of the system. This is where the system sits after development. This is where it's gonna be. This needs to be guarded well, secured, tested well, no downtimes and all that.

This is usually vetoed by the client. S/he is the one to say where the system is going to sit.

Your work as a developer in this phase is just to deploy the system, and/or advice the client on the best hosting environment.

4. Daemon

This is run as a background process, rather than being under the direct control of an interactive user. At this point, have all logs up and running. Have a way of troubleshooting and/or backtracking errors that may arise while the system is running.

Did I say I was stuck with an issue and the person to assist me always asked me of logs? I didn't. I didn't have them. I hadn't setup any daemon service, logging and all that.

It was hard for him to help me out. I set up all this and called him. After seeing I've done that, he proposed a face-to-face meeting instead of skype calls. (guess he saw I was ready to learn)

It worked readers.

Some errors are generated from some upgrades which aren't compatible, or modules which have redundant functionalities.

With these kept in mind, you'll be a better person than you were yesterday.


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Ever wanted to move an app, Laravel, from public to root?

Well, this worked.

Copy everything in public to the root.

Run this if you don't have composer,

curl -sS | php — –filename=composer

composer dumpautoload -o

Some info on it[ composer dumpautoload -o ]:

It just regenerates the list of all classes that need to be included in the project (vendor/composer/autoload_classmap.php). Ideal for when you have a new class inside your project. Composer is a major part of the Laravel MVC Framework, but it also exists without Laravel. In fact you could use it in any project.In laravel it does:

1) It will in fact use Composer for some stuff

2) It will call Composer with the optimize flag

3) It will 'recompile' loads of files creating the huge bootstrap/compiled.php

4) And also will find all of your Workbench packages and composer dump-autoload them, one by one.


php artisan config:cache ( creates cache )

Selection 003


php artisan route:cache ( creates routes cache )


that's all.


you're now good.




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