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Below is some of what I wrote about the new me on this though..It is a HIT!!

This is not about war at home. This is not about war in my country. It's just about a nice movie. I love the new movie +Captain America It's just mind blowing... You got to watch this trailer...

Click here( to watch the trailer

This is not about war at home. This is not about war in my country. It's just about a nice movie. I love the new movie +Captain America It's just mind blowing... You got to watch this trailer...

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I was at home back one christmas and a friend called. I was broke and bored. Was just killing time in my crib waiting for some darkness before I head out to catch up with some \'boys\' and a pool game...and a hot mug. I do believe I was sad and anxious too. I just had too much going on at the moment and an opportunity to save me from myself was just not presenting itself. At that moment I also tried to avoid the girl I loved so much coz I hate being uncomfortable in my mind and people I love around me...I was so exposed. 

I needed a job.

I was tired of freelancing. Was close to an year doing it. I did cool stuff. Worked at night, slept during the day...and my mom hated that. I love her and paps. My softspot. RIP paps. My mom aint tech, she loved my decision to do tech though. Blessed among many. Supported me in my interests all through...I did lotsa coding. Partial sometimes. I however managed to ship some. College management system, Business Site in html, Fueling automation, Desktop System were among my peak codes.

I hated web development, that\'s why I did just one.

My mom believed in getting a formal employment after school. I did too. I needed a steady salary. I really needed a boss too. Sleeping all day and working at night with some loud music was making me and family not get along and I totally understood that. I needed to taste the life of getting instructions from some guy and implementing just that. I knew this had some effect on creativity but...screw it, let\'s do this.

Do you have a resume? Do you have a ready resume? Do you have a resume in soft or hardcopy? A resume is an integral part of every person out there who needs a job or wishes to switch. It was mine. At this information age, I still find it weird that some companies ask for a resume in hardcopy, yet cyber cafe\' are all over, not forgetting some wonderful pieces of hardware people own these days. Smartphones, phablets, tablets, smart TVs and the like. 

I mailed my resume to some guys. Good friends in the government, who would hook me up...y\'all know how it works right? I was** wasn\'t working. I was totally in a job search mode. I subscribed to brighter monday...they bored me later. Left that. War came when I turned down a job. A family meeting was convened to talk me to taking a low paying tech job. A guy was giving me 15k with shelter and stuff. I hated the figure. Being honest, I layed out my reasons as to why I was not ready for such a job, and in nairobi. I hated to see my mom angry at me.

Days later, a friend called and told me to send apply online. She sent me the web address too. We applied for it both of us. Was eventually picked and went for an interview. I laughed all through. Happy dude, happy to be in an interview..if this works,Imma eat chicken n fries. I got picked. I learnt cool stuff and had even bought a suit before then. heehh..I needed to look like a working person. It was an internship opportunity. The company dealt alot with Web Development. I loved coding but hated web development. I loved challenges though.

PHP wasn\'t my thing.

PHP was this company\'s best, and still is. I had to learn php. jQuery wasn\'t that bad..I was good in javascript at some levels, so jQuery was manageable but still challenged me. PHP was the bull here. I did take it by the balls, ot horns this time. My boss motivated me. A name similar to my brother\'s reminded me to be a mentor daily. Told me I can be like him or better in 3 months if I studied them. Trust me, I was literally sleeping at 3s, 4s, 1s....all weird times in the habit was hard to break. An intern always showing up late at work. Annoying....yeah..right!!

I pulled it off.

Got retained after internship. I still work there. Keep it locked for more.

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Ever looked at code and you don know where to begin? Ever lacked what soooo many code files are doing and you just wanna obliterate em all for good? Ever stumbled some spaghetti code to maintain? I guess you are now closer to what am talking about..You are just behind schedules. No, behind the extended schedule!!

Sometimes I just wish I knew where the original developer walk up there after work under the cover of darkness and break his/her :) just crazy man. You maintain code and if you aint careful you break the whole thing. The real test of a developer is understanding another devs code. You need to think like them (whoever who wrote it). If its spaghetti then wine it..if not, please don stoop to spaghetti. 

I once worked on such a thing..a smart developer had left and the client expected work to be done. You step up with all the might not because you like it but because its the only way out. Now thats a good thing. You grow through making stuff..continuing what has not been done. Building the final product. Here is a tackle..a developer who is under stress just gets work, develops halfway n are in big sh*t!! You are gonna arrange the code before trynna understand it. Now, tell me if I wont look for his/her address to go n break his nose???

Y\'all know how messy it can get. You comment code and another freakink block executes! You just wanna through yourself through a window! Fun times are not those. Fun times are doing something new. Something that makes you wanna stay awake, coz the zone needs you.

Oh Damn!! How I love Developing. Thank God.



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Oh Man...I started using that to counter OMG..back to it..Oh man, today the service was awesome!! I\'m here blogging about it instead of warming my food....this is now self control. :) I love food but am telling my body to wait and type this before I forget. Man, today I didn\'t notice time counting down to the words of benediction..I just heard the pastor saying, let\'s pray. We were taught about the Holy Spirit, read few verses, can\'t remember the exacts, but they touched on the day of Pentecost, Ananias and Sapphira and more..the spirit is real people. The spirit is third in the trinity.
  • God the Father
  • God the Son
  • God the Holy Spirit 
He emphasized on us being filled of Him. I remember a friend of mine so happy the day she spoke in tongues after the Spirit\'s manifestation. Trust me, it\'s cool.  I have personal challenges, I try to do all God wants, all the Bible says. I don\'t achieve it always. Sometimes I do. I really hope the Spirit ain\'t gonna leave then I fall, but be there always to lead and be with me. I do hope to one day sing forevern not getting tired..not fainting...not being bored..being super happy like some weekdays. All I need is this Father. This Son. This Spirit. As Juliani puts it, 3G enabled. God is just awesome people. Please have a culture of praying. Give your time to God, He\'ll give His time to you too. I try to achieve this coz its important. Make it a challenge. One week of prayer. Wake up and say something in the morning if you don\'t. It\'s paramount. Prayers move mountains...quite literally. I have seen what they can do. Better get yo knees stronger...they\'re about to ask for more... God Bless.  Add a comment

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This is why I think DJ Creme did no s3x tape. I simply have not seen it anywhere. If it is somewhere, then SEO done on the site hosting it is pretty bad, so, no hits to it.

With all the trending, it is such a shame especially if such stuff has no evidence, just rumour mongering. Sickens.! So, Let us stop this craziness. Lets focus on issues with tangible evidence. Like making sure hate speech mongers stop it, fill our stadiums to watch local football.


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