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Reports to: Technical Manager

Company: Greenbell Communications Limited

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Closing date:


The Web Developer performs all aspects of the development tasks, including front-end, back-end, and database

development and is to be responsible for production, modification and maintenance of websites and web application’s

user interfaces.

Duties and Responsibilities:

● Managing contract design and development resources to timely and successful deliveries.

● Working with clients and review panels to identify recommendations for the appropriate technical, business

and human factors solutions.

● Developing and maintaining web-enabled capabilities and custom applications.

● Advances our growing CMS practice. Turns design and user interface mockups into functional websites

powered by CMS.

● Ensures HTML/CSS is cross-browser and standards compliant and meets


● Must have deep expertise in various web and mobile web applications development using HTML, CSS,

JavaScript and Popular Javascript libraries, SQL, PHP and MySQL

● Excellent understanding of database modeling and information architecture, with web application integration,

excellent Software Development Lifecycle and Cross-browser/platform

● Experience working with, designing and developing Content Management Systems

● Graphic Design capabilities.

● Excellent problem solving abilities.

● Should be able to work under pressure with tight deadlines.

● SEO skills.

● Keep up to date with latest web technologies.

● Performs other duties as assigned.

Skills and Qualifications

● Proficient in the maintenance and administration of CMS modules and sites and in HTML/CSS, and client-

side scripting libraries.

● Familiar with each layer in the LAMP/WAMP/MAMP stack from application architecture and system

infrastructure points of view; knowledgeable and experienced in PHP and MySQL programming.

● Experience developing and implementing open source software projects.

● Ability to organize and manage multiple priorities

● Creative, resourceful, and innovative with strong attention to detail

Education and Experience

● Degree/Diploma in IT related field and two years general experience with CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript

● Experience working in a front end development team coding HTML/CSS websites.

● Knowledge of using Adobe Creative Suite(Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver) and willing to improve

knowledge of CSS, HTML and other web languages.

● Knowledge of SEO tool and implementation.


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