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My friend talked of writing stuff people look for to make it interesting. Not just people. He said. 

i write stuff I would like to read. 

I really looked for this. I searched alot. Am sharing because it helped me alot. 

The Mercury Mail package in xampp for windows is a great way to start sending emails from openemr or any open source CMS program placed in xampp. The configuration is easy, just need to follow the steps:

Benefits of Mercury Mail in openEMR

Easy to setup and integrated with XAMPP package
Appointment reminders will be sent automatically using Batchcom/Automatic_notification via cronjob
The patient reminder mails(alert reminders) will be sent automatically
Obtaining Mercury Mail

If not using XAMPP, but still want to use mercury mail, you can get it from here

Steps of Configuration

1. After downloading Mercury Mail and installing it or if using Xampp, you can find it in C:/xampp/MercuryMail, run the program

2. First of all we disable the HTTP server of Mercury so that it doesn't conflict with the apache.

3. In the open Mercury panel, Go to "Configuration" -> "Protocol modules"

4. Disable the check "MercuryB HTTP web server" and also disable "Mercury IMAP4rev1 server" because It won't be required.

5. To be able to send external mail we have to disable "MercuryE SMTP end-to-end delivery client" in the same dialog and enable "MercuryC SMTP relaying client". Click "OK" and restart Mercury.

6. Now click on "Windows" in the top toolbar and click "Tile windows" and click save position. This will make the viewing easy and the Mercury Panel clean to work with.

7. Next Go to "Configuration" -> "Mercury core module", tab "General"

8. We want to send from localhost, therefore we check if "localhost" is the value of "internet name for this system" and adjust that if not.

9. All other settings stay the same as they are already configured, but we'll have a look to the checkboxes beneath:

Disable all but "Send copies of all errors to postmaster"
Check under the tab "Local domains" if the entry "localhost (local host or server) localhost (internet name)" is there, if not, add it.
Click "OK" and leave the dialog.
10. Next we focus on the MercuryS SMTP Server for outgoing emails.

11. Go to "Configuration" -> "MercuryS SMTP Server"

12. Choose the tab "General" and add a wonderful name for your SMTP server under "Announce myself as", simply fill in any name.

13. Under "Listen on TCP/IP port" fill in "25", that's the SMTP port

14. Add "" to "IP interface to use", that's the local IP of your pc. With the IP of the pc within the network (192.168.0.X) it doesn't work.

15. Now we limit the access to the server so that only our local machine can access it:

Under "Connection Control" click on "Add restriction" and add the IP range from "" till ""
Now select "Allow connections".
Leave all checkboxes deselected
16.with a click on "OK" we quit the dialog and we're looking forward to the next one :)

17. Now let's configure the MercuryP POP3 Server.

18. Go to "Configuration"-> "MercuryP POP3 Server", select the tab "General"

19. "Listen on TCP port" -> "110" and "IP interface to use" -> ""

20. Choose the tab "Connection control" and proceed as already written under 15 (see above)

21. That's it already, leave the dialog by clicking "OK"

22. Now we have the important one "MercuryC SMTP Client"

23. Go to "Configuration" -> "MercuryC SMTP Client"

24. To send mail to external addresses we need to have an external SMTP server. If you're renting webspace somewhere and have mail included then you normally have access to a SMTP server.

25. Enter the address of your SMTP under "Smart host name", for example ""

26. Depending on the way you access the server fill the values under "Connection port/type":

for a "normal" SMTP that would probably be port 25 and "Normal (no SSL encryption)"
Most access SMTP via SSL (if using gmail), that would be port 465 and "SSL encryption using direct connection"
If you have other parameters simply try around a little :-)
27. We finally fill in the "Login username" and the "Password" that normally is supplied by your webhost or enter your gmail ID and password and we've nearly finished...

28. let's check the Mercury users that are normally pre-configured.

29. Go to "Configuration"-> "Manage local users"

30. There should be at least the users "Admin" and "postmaster", both with administrative rights. If not you have to add them.

31. Now we finished with Mercury, but we still need to configure PHP for sending mail with our scripts.

Configuring PHP

We search and open the appropriate php.ini, using XAMPP you find it under "xampp/php/php.ini" in newer version and under "xampp/apache/bin/php.ini" in older versions
we search for "[mail function]"...
we add/adjust the following:
1."SMTP = localhost"
2."smtp_port = 25"
3."sendmail_from = postmaster@localhost";
Save the php.ini and restart the Apache.
32. Now everything should work! But we'll test it first:

33. Within Mercury choose "File" -> "Send mail message" and send an email for testing purposes, I've chosen to send it to my googlemail account

33. Within the window "Mercury Core Prozess" we'll see our test mail at first:

"13:38:41 JOB XXXXXX: from postmaster@localhost (local) To: (non-local) (JOB XXXXXX) -OK"
The mail was received in Mercury and processed, after some seconds the window "Mercury SMTP client (relay version)" should show some actions:
1. "05 Jan 2008 13:39, Servicing job XXXXXX ...OK"
2. if you see this message, everything went fine and the mail was sent!
3. if you don't get the message you have to find out why, possible reasons could be:
1. wrong connection values for the SMTP server
2. SMTP server doesn't allow relaying (from your host)
34. Now we'll test the whole thing from a PHP script and we'll write a wonderful one-liner into a PHP file:

1. "mail('';, 'Mercury test mail', 'If you can read this, everything was fine!');"
2. call the PHP file within your browser, a command window should pop up shortly (or maybe not), it's from the fake sendmail of XAMPP, and focus back on Mercury:
1. the produre is the same as above only that the SMTP server receives the mail from php before everything else happens
2. you can watch this in the window "Mercury SMTP Server" and should see something like this: Mercury SMTP
35. If you get the error message "SMTP server response: 553 We do not relay non-local mail, sorry." while sending from PHP go to Mercury under MercuryS -> Connection Control -> "Uncheck Do not Permit SMTP relaying to non-local mail" an check this option. Should fix the problem


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January 2016 aint bad. All is good. Believe all is good and it'll be. btw, why the hell are you using the word bad and January in the same sentence? Ngoja tufike July then useme ivo.

Let's trust that our finances will be saved by some of these links down here.

They're all about school. Pesa ya shule ni muhimu. punguza mzigo. Kuna tu chances hapa ivi. Apply uone niaje.

Follow this link to post Scholarships Add a comment

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So much for 2016.
Ssup y'all.
Forgive me if you feel offended be using "y'all" on you. I do that when I presume or know that you ain't alone. Am writing about "keys to the kingdom" and how to get them.

ushaiskiza ngoma inakujenga? That one 'built me'. Honestly, all Glory to God. I sometimes do alot of things and just forget to give God the credits. Let me say that anything I've ever done, all I am, all I'll be...all that is because of Him who created me.


He's the king. Don get it twisted..I aint trynna get in un-invited by asking for the keys or looking for them, it's a way of saying, gotta serve this God man. Year 2015 has been busy. Really busy. knocked down, got back up, knocked few down...few fights..just busy. Busy comes with both good and bad. Lemmi say, there's a club I successfully avoided the whole of this year and thanks to God for that.
Back to the Keys and Kingdom...every year, we all wanna be closer to God. That effect wears out later in the year for several people. I just don know why. For me I just want it to work.

I have a plan to make my relationship with everybody better. I didn't give a damn about people this year. I cared less. I kinda like it still. I just don want to be cold in 2016. Wanna be warmer in 2016. Wanna be responding positively even to negative stuff or just keep quiet.
I thank God for the ability to do that. I'm not the best of a snob, I tried that for the first time this year. I just assumed some humans. This is bad, worked out good for some situations though.

You can apply this safely.

Among the things I know worked out good for me is just being me. I'm carrying this to 2016 God-willing. I didn't struggle in doing what I love, showing what I love, expressing myself or being around my friends. This was and is cool. I need to revamp it though. I cared little about feedback. Imma care more in 2016. Wanna know how people feel about some stuff.

I don't want to enjoy cakes and icecreams close to people working towards burning calories..unaget point yangu?
I want to be more social. But still be me. If you are full of bullsh*t, Imma leave you in that sh*t and move on.
Since the days of John the Baptist, the Kingdom of God suffereth violence. I understand this as, someplace that awesome is for the strong. I'm sorry if you thought it's gonna be an easy ride to the throne. I'm ready to fight. I'm armoured. Imma take it. Imma work my a** up for it.
As usual, I want to see my efforts shining. May God bless all our efforts.

In 2016, I wanna see a different person in you. I wanna seea fighter. A winner. An influencer. A motivation to my woman..I don want to see you the same as always. I don want us to meet ina club* burning cash, but celebrating. I want to receive more calls from you. Not the other way round. I wanna feel the change. I want you to struggle for better....not to hang on. I want us to meet and meat often. I want to see you praying for meals. I want you to fast more. Love more. Give More. Bless more. Impress more.

Am pretty sure Imma rap more. So much love for music. Music that makes sense kama kawaida

All that is for the perfect candidate. The guy in the mirror is getting it blunt here...

Just one more thing...God hears our prayers.

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Yaani, some people are so evil and heartless. So cruel.

You broke up with your girlfriend in July and she moved on, without crying or complaining. She never called back or texted to even know how you holding on. She just left and she is now a closed book. You have been stalking her Facebook every day, but the last time she posted was in early October where she complained about the fashion taste of Citizen TV's weekend fashion show, with Carol Odero, Ian Mbugua and that other guy that for no reason whatsoever even sensible women fawn over.

Since that post, she has been tagged several photos, cat videos and what have you, but it looks like she has never opened the page for two months. No comment or like on what seems like funny pictures and videos.

In her WhatsApp, she has a custom notification and the time stamp is off. No suggestive message to tell her emotional state as some women often do. It is the “urgent calls only” notification that was updated in May last year.

So on a end month Saturday, three months later, you decide to get over her and hit the bar solo. Your mission is very clear: get a chips funga to help you deal with the emotional turmoil the woman left you in.

In the club, at around 1.57 a.m you spot a good candidate. She is in the company of three other girls, and another guy who seems happily harmless. She has the hips, the ASSets, and curves in the right places. Her breasts are on point, and you are sure it is not the beer that is fooling your eyes. Her weave is slightly off-putting, but she can’t have it all. And on a day like today, you can take her. You can take anything. You are not a selective beggar. You have no choice. They look old, at closer look; certainly they have been out of college for at least two to three years. If you would guess their age, it will be anything between 26-28. They don't have the virginal and nubile excitement of girls in their 20s.

Guys are sweaty, from dancing to Jamaican ragga. Now some Nigerian nonsense is piping through the speakers. And you hit the dance floor, angling her and hoping to ensnare her. You are solo, well dressed in a designer jacket, you have worn the best cologne in the whole club, and you are drinking Heineken. You also on a designer watch. You looking the part. You feeling charming.

You dance your way to her backside and you click so well. You dance to three more songs and you offer to buy her a drink. So that her girls don’t mess up the night, you also buy them a bottle of Amarula. Since they are mature, or can afford the bottle, they are not excited. They act as if it is chewing gum you passed to them, really disgusting, ungrateful human beings. Who is their mother?

You dance and you talk talk with the subject of your affection. She is acting like she is not feeling your vibe, but she is enjoying the dancing. She rubs her back on your crotch suggestively and you take the cue. You dance some more, doing all the dirty and sinful things that drunk people do in clubs after 2.a.m. Time is running out, and you risk ballooning EABL's profits so you try to ask her out for the night. She tells you they are still partying until tomorrow,and about to go to another club with the girls. But you can sure have a drink the following day or next weekend. She offers to give you her number. She types it into your phone: 07247825… Cate-1824…she does the rest of the job for you, cleverly assuming that you must have 13 other Cates about her age in your phone-book, the better to distinguish herself on the basis of where you met. Clever girl. Or she has been doing this since she turned 23, it is her second nature. You happy and you think, you can wait. She is actually worth waiting for. After al, it was a do or die. Who knows, she may be your new girlfriend.

You take a cab at 4.03 a.m and go home. Once home, you try to call her telling her that you arrived safely, only to discover, she gave a number that is one digit less. You cry how your Sh 3450 has gone down the urinal drain…but you comfort yourself that you will live to see another day. You sleep in the cold bed, it is colder especially tonight. You wonder when you are going to start dating again. Getting over your ex, has proved problematic. Contrary to the common assumption, you can be a handsome man with money, live in nice, well-furnished apartment and still lack a good woman worth sharing your life with.

On Saturday 10.07 a.m, you wake up, so pressed and you step into the loo for your ones and twos. You come back to bed but you have this annoying headache, a slight hangover. You decide it is sissy to take a panadol. Real men quash the headache with cold water. What you need is food therapy. You have not had a proper food the whole week, you have survived on junk. So today, you decide to treat yourself.

With your shorts on, you wear a sports jacket and step out to go and look for proper food. In your way to your Mama Mboga (or as Ruaraka females call her-groceries’ lady), you will see stupid bachelors wiping clean the rims of their car, as if that is where the missing Eurobond money is hidden. You will meet young women in hot-pants, red-eyed, wild-haired coming from the chemist with pain killers (and that other pill they take in most weekend mornings), but you are not judging. You just hate how they don the football jerseys of their boyfriends. And it is Man U fans who have this vexing habits of forcing their girlfriends to wear the silly Man U t-sho. Those insecure pricks. Nkt.

You get to your Mama Mboga and she has just arrived from Marigiti. Everything she is unpacking looks so green, so succulent, it is like it was picked in the Garden of Eden. She has a soft spot for you and she offers that genuine, motherly smile to you. She is just about the only sunshine in your life now. Must have been a pretty little thing.

“Mathe leo kuna nini hapa nzuri? you ask her.

“Iko ndizi, ukipata supu yake, ni mzuri sana,” she tells you in a humble, Kikuyu accent.

Such a sweet soul. Such dedication. Does she know what the Eurobond is, you wonder.

In deed the bananas are super. They are the real deal. Most certainly picked from Kisii, because good bananas are only in Kisii and Uganda. Zimekomaa (I don’t know the English word for 'kukomaa'.) Or should I say, they are mature. So you settle for the bananas, which she offers to peel for you. 6 of them for Sh 40. In the meantime, you grab a cold Fanta, to ease the headache.

Once she is done, you head to your local butcher, Maina, a man who looks like he was born to be a butcher. He has a certain dexterity when shredding the meat that only he can pull off. You order for a ka-quarter, taunting him,

“Hey, na sina paka, na mbwa alikufa, tafadhali mifupa leo sitaki.”

He laughs. But he puts some good bone with marrow in the quarter that is almost half the weight. Stupid butcher. As you exit, you bump into these guy you know in the estate, you don’t even know his name, but he is a Man U fan that you normally watch the matches together in the kalocal. He is annoying as all Man U fans are. So you engage in some stupid banter, and so shamelessly, like all Man U fans, he does not mind, Mourinho taking over after LvG. But you don’t care about Man U or football. You just want your banana and beef soup. You finish with him and walk to your apartment along the way you will meet more bachelors outside their flats' gate reading Saturday Nation, probably David Ndii and feeling bright. Or Njoki Chege and feeling like you don't know what.

You get to your house and you have to make the important decision of picking the sound track to your cooking. You want to pick on your favourite benga tune, but there is a beautiful neighbour girl, you don’t want her to get the wrong impression of who you are. So since this day means freedom, you opt for reggae, good old-school reggae. Freedom songs. Bob Marley. Lucky Dube. Burning Spear. Dennis Brown. Mighty Culture. And while at it, some deep, I-Jah-Man-Levi.

Then you settle to the kitchen and you want to prepare the matoke using a recipe that has been used in your family in the last three generations; boil the peeled banana until it is almost ready, fry the tomatoes and onions until they are well cooked (cue: you an't spot a tomato peel), pour water mixed with spices and allow to boil and mix with the bananas, let them cook until they are well mixed. Taste to feel the magic of Knorr beef cubes. You do the same for the beef.

You are wearing your vest, shorts and you are feeling like all Kenyans felt on the morning of December 13, 1963: Free and liberated. The cooking has been cathartic, even spiritual. As the beef is in the last 10 minutes of absorbing the spices, you are whistling all the freedom songs that used to be played during national holidays when Moi was in power. This is the best day of your life. You are going to eat matoke and beef stew prepared painstakingly by you and for you. At this moment, even as the darkest cloud of your ex-girlfriend hover around, it is you and your meal of the year.

You jump around the house, exorcising any culinary host that might kill your appetite.

Three minutes before you take the beef off the gas cooker, your phone rings. It is your boy Dennis.

“Aah, naje fala. Niko hizi mitaa zako, nasaka nyumba, napitia kwako saa hii,” and he hangs up without even giving you a second to say anything. And sure, 4 and half minutes later he shows up in the house and Dennis is the type of friend who has access to everything in your house…

“Nini hii umepika, inanukia vipoa?” he asks, already plunging his dirty fingers in the sufuria with matoke. He cuts one half of one of the only six bananas you bought and he is helping himself with it as he is looking for a serving spoon with which he scoops 3 pieces of beef.
You want to cry at his cruelty. And he is like,

“Na nyii wakisii enyewe ndizi mnajua kuunda…kali sana…” now he is back to the sitting room, he is talking nonstop. Bunny Wailer is appropriately singing in the background,

“What a boderation…”

The he proceeds to interrupt the music and tunes your TV to Supersport as he violates your private space and you can’t punch him on the face. When the food is ready, you have to divide it into two, and give him a larger share since he is a visitor. And since you are Kisii, he assumes that you eat and sleep bananas, so really, the banana stew should be for him.

He proceeds to eat like he has done nothing wrong. Finishes and then asks you to join him hunting for a house.

You contemplate suicide. You contemplate killing him. You really hate him. But you join him nonetheless. You promise yourself, next time you prepare such a meal, it has to be around 1.27 a.m.
No more heartbreaks. No more drama.


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Ok This tweet made me laugh hard.

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