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...of slow machine and psyche

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I really hate slow machines. I hate being angry. I hate missing targets. Especially when there isn't much to aim at. Once upon a time my boss told us something about time. The was a shipping(not sure) company, or freight and dealt with cargo. From see to land and such stuff. Clearing and forwarding is freight-related...right? Guess that's it. Depending on how many containers were to be ofloaded, time was important. A little history before I finish...

At my employers place, there's something called KPIs. Once wrote an article about it can search for it. Key Perfomance Indicators, in full. He gave narrated to us a story of how one staff handling the cargo from the ship to land was to reduce the handling time by 3 seconds. I mean 3 seconds. That was all. For any cargo, all cargo, reduce handling time by 3 seconds each time. Seems little right? Multiply that by the number of packages let down. Many. Made sense. Alot of it.

You may not value time but it always takes a toll on you. The second a machine hangs, the more you lose track of what you thought of by going ahead to start the freaking task manager that also hangs. This is where feelings get in. I hate that. I broke my monitor back in the day on a pentium R. Got bored of it. You click buttons and it's like your efforts are going nowhere!!

Let's put business aspect into the discussion.

How long are you supposed to take to do some simple task? How about image editing? Some programs must stay on like the whole na tab zake kama kawa. Firefox is a no no on a windows one for me. It's bae in Linux though. Chrome and Chromium crash my Linux. So far I guess it's v8 engine. Back to kills me to be slow. I'm supposed to be fast. My speed and machine's speed translate to faster success.

As a developer, never compromise. Pay good for good service.



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