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Hi there. Been long. For as long as I can remember, this is how I think of starting conversations with people. I however end up to use the phrases less then often. So, hi there.

For the last, almost a month, I've been good. Not to everyone though. I've been setting more time for God...clap for me and smile. That's good. I advice you to do this. Reasons for sparing time, more time I mean, is just because it's cool. It doesn't hurt in any way to set time to just go to church and pray.

So many factors say no to this. Let's start with the thought of seats are dusty, and there's no much hype of midweek services, like most 'church big-wigs' are still working, stuck in traffic, hot and sweaty....the list is endless. Going to church on a wednesday is just hectic, many will say. Many still say.

First time I attended a service, my pastor had called. Didn't say much. I agreed. He was giving a sermon on 'good culture'. Creating your own culture. Made lotsa sense. He gave examples that made sense. He also doesn't shout on the mic. I dislike verbally violent religious people. I always tell people to raise their arguements and not their voices when they start getting rude. It beats logic to shout when teaching. You might be instilling fear instead on knowledge.

So, I learnt about new stuff to do. Stuff like exercising  my free will better, sharing word with people, sacrificing more for people and above all, love. With this, you're good. I target this in all I do. I'm not good in memorizing verses but I know there's a verse somewhere that speaks about Love covering a multitude of sins. I want mine covered if not eliminated.
Another verse also says you should have Faith, Love and Hope. The Good Book expounds and says that the biggest of all those is Love.

I knew all this before I started going for these services. The main aim of going to church is to pray. Thank God for the week, thank Him for everything, pray for the rest of it to be more dope..pray for debtors to get money faster, clients to come faster...the list is endless. Ohh..about God answering prayers, He does. Some instantly. God answers them in funny ways. I pray to God like a son does to his father. Nice convos. I list some stuff, good and bad, nasty and sweet, ammending wherever I forget and so on. I advice you to do this. It gives me a calm effect.

Sometimes everything goes south and all that's left is music. That's when I turn it up and hear no evil as I let it sink in.

See you next wednesday.


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