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Hosting Laravel App

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Ever wanted to move an app, Laravel, from public to root?

Well, this worked.

Copy everything in public to the root.

Run this if you don't have composer,

curl -sS | php — –filename=composer

composer dumpautoload -o

Some info on it[ composer dumpautoload -o ]:

It just regenerates the list of all classes that need to be included in the project (vendor/composer/autoload_classmap.php). Ideal for when you have a new class inside your project. Composer is a major part of the Laravel MVC Framework, but it also exists without Laravel. In fact you could use it in any project.In laravel it does:

1) It will in fact use Composer for some stuff

2) It will call Composer with the optimize flag

3) It will 'recompile' loads of files creating the huge bootstrap/compiled.php

4) And also will find all of your Workbench packages and composer dump-autoload them, one by one.


php artisan config:cache ( creates cache )

Selection 003


php artisan route:cache ( creates routes cache )


that's all.


you're now good.




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