Double RAM Size, Same Price

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Yes it is. Digital Ocean did it. Bumped into around around their community and it's true. They've doubled the droplet RAM size for the same price. Was checking out the one for $5.00/Month and it's true. 

I manage one so I have credible info on this. They also have optimized ones with the same same good deals. I'd say this is nice. Sometimes, mostly, for me always..needs a machine/server as fast as possible with as much space as possible. Again, why space if I don't have RAM and speed? Anyway, another good thing is, you buy the size you can afford. You can always scale. 

Basically, you have a machine for yourself to do whatever the hell you want with it. 

So, how do you do this? First, you'll need to buy space if you don't have. Use this link to get an offer, free $10 upon signup, then get whichever size you want.  Incase you encounter any challenges, contact me we settle this, for free, I won't charge you that is, and get your server running. 

NB: Please turn off your droplet via terminal so as not to corrupt existing data. 

See shots below: 




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