Teachers Vs Gov\\\'t

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Right Now...Ahem. Right now I\\\'m in a bad mood. I was in a good mood. Teachers are not in a bad mood. Reason being, they are not working. This is an holiday for them. I\\\'m sad because teachers are not in class and fee is paid. Another reason is, my bro deserves a teacher in class. I can\\\'t request a teacher to be in class. Fee is paid. However, Lemmi do this because am in need and forced.
Please go bak to school.
Gimme a reason not to dislike striking teachers. Posted by Patrick Mutwiri on Friday, September 18, 2015
For how long will this go on anyway? This can\\\'t be forever, but it has long term effects. Some can\\\'t be changed ever..In school I learned about chemical and physical changes, when teachers were in class. They taught me, I passed and now, I can speak English and tweng of-course. Sorry Teachers,  you taught me governance and how to ask for rights, activism and others, so go back to school and teach coz I ain\\\'t givin\\\' up on this. No end in sight.

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