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Before I start, HTML doesn\\\\\\\'t stand for HOW TO MEET LADIES!! ;) Have I ever said that Meru County is my home? Oh it is. The land of the proverbial a thousand hills. The reason am using my homeland in this piece is because of this:

\\\\\\\"nyama ukaria ukamionia rumuri\\\\\\\"

 That is a Kimeru saying that warns against roasting meat you\\\\\\\'ll eat with flame(s). I\\\\\\\'m not the best of chefs. Actually, am terrible in cooking and especially stuff that other people will eat. Ask +Faith Gaspear   and she\\\\\\\'ll tell you.  My other brother will not mince his words regarding my skills, so I prefer her still. heeh. So, What does the above mean?? PATIENCE. Patience my guy.

Learning patience during html lessons

In scrabble, its just 12 points if at-all you don get the double/tripple letter stuff. I\\\\\\\'m that guy who has to learn this the hard way. I once enrolled for an html class in codeacademy, because someone asked, and I agreed because I knew its easy and I was(and am) already a developer. The bad part was, codeacademy has its own curriculum. I signed up and started html, aiming at finishing the next day. I started skipping stuff, almost everything anyway, untill I realized that my percentage was not going up. I looked at my curriculum levels, topics and percentages and realized I was too far, and going too fast in the wrong direction. / just remembered casting crowns\\\\\\\' tune / If I really wanted to achieve this, I have to do this their way, not mine. Patience is conditional. I stand to be corrected though. In patience, you somehow submit. I did that. I fully submitted and started learning html, from the first line, to the end. I later finished, and learnt both patience and html. Right now, I use this example in lotsa experiences. If I didn\\\\\\\'t repeat that class, I still would finish but with blanks in the course outline. Same as roasting meat using tongues of flames. Best choma takes time, and is prepped on top of coals. It gets the best of heat, and it heats to the core. The potter does the same,(I had a pottery class in primary sch. I knw this. hehe) no hurry in drying the creation, or it\\\\\\\'ll crack anytime. It\\\\\\\'s a clitché patience is a virtue but it\\\\\\\'s so true. It takes discipline. I struggled and later reaped the benefits. I\\\\\\\'m in a position to say, redo something you\\\\\\\'ve ever done. You\\\\\\\'ll learn something new after you\\\\\\\'re done.


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